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Are You a Candidate for 100% Silicone Catheters?

If you experience pain with intermittent catheterization or have a latex allergy, silicone catheters are the right choice for you. Premier Catheter supplies carries a variety of brands offering 100% silicone catheters. To get more information or receive your FREE sample today, simply fill out the form and one of our customer representatives will reach out to you in minutes.

Premier Catheter Supplies is One of The Top National Suppliers for 100% Silicone Catheters & Their Brands

For over ten years Premier Catheter Supplies has been helping thousands of Americans like you find the right catheter to fit their individual needs. Whether you are a first-time catheter user or a seasoned veteran, Premier Catheter Supplies will help guide you in finding the right 100% silicone catheter for your lifestyle and comfort. Time and time again we have set the bar for catheter companies with our knowledge, professionalism, customer service, speedy shipping and discreet delivery. For more information about our 100% silicone catheters and different brands we carry, speak to one of our US-Based Representatives today!

What are 100% Silicone Catheters & How Do They Work?

What makes 100% silicone catheters unique are their special material that is completely latex-free. According to findings in several clinical trials, experts recommend silicone as the preferred selection for the demanding applications associated with long-term catheterization. Some of the benefits to silicone catheters are their insensitivity to temperature changes and resistance to chemcial attack with bio-durability. They function just like any other catheter and are available in a variety of styles including foley, coude tip, and intermittent.


The Types of Silicone Catheters

Intermittent Catheters:

These 100% silicone catheters are designed for single-use, contain no ports or balloons, and cannot remain in the bladder individually. Some of our most popular silicone intermittent catheters are from top award-winning brands like Coloplast and Bard.

SelfCath Female Intermittent Catheter By Coloplast

Two-Way Foley Catheters:

The most common type of 100% sillicone catheters. The design features two ports: one to inflate the balloon and one to drain the urine from the bladder.


Intermittent Catheters Made Of 100% Silicone

Three-Way Foley Catheters:

This 100% silicone catheter’s design features three ports: one to flush urine from the body, one to inflate the balloon, and one to cleanse the catheter.


Premier Catheter Supplies' 100% Silicone Catheters

Premier Catheter Supplies Specializes in Insurance Coverage for 100% Silicone Catheters

The majority of health insurance plans – including Medicare and Medicaid – will typically cover 100% silicone catheters. To receive insurance coverage for catheter usage your doctor will need to provide paperwork explaining why a 100% silicone catheter is needed. In general, this isn’t an issue as many insurers are willing to cover 100% catheters per month. Premier Catheter Supplies is a provider of both Medicare and Medicaid in most states. Our knowledgeable specialists will work directly with your insurance provider to handle the stress of paperwork and may be able to eliminate any co-pay obligations you might have.

Receive Your FREE Silicone Catheter Sample From Premier Catheter Supplies Today!

Premier Catheter Supplies carries all major and specialty catheter brands, including Bard, Coloplast, Cure, and Hollister. We have US-Based representatives available 24/7 to help you find the best 100% silicone catheter to fit your individual needs. Premier Catheter Supplies will provide speedy shipping with discreet delivery anywhere nationwide. When you order your catheters from Premier, you will receive any emergency supply included with your purchase each and every time. To receive your free sample or learn more, fill out the contact form below and one of our reps will reach out to you in minutes.