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We Ship Catheters Nationwide!

Premier Catheter Supplies offers a variety of intermittent catheters and accessories from top catheter manufacturers to meet your individual needs. To receive a free sample, contact one of our US-based representatives and they will be more than happy to answer your questions and provide you with a sample most suited to your lifestyle. We will also contact your insurance provider to ensure your medical coverage as well as your doctor to obtain a prescription. Learn why thousands of Americans like yourself rely on Premier Catheter Supplies for their products.

Why Choose Premier Catheter Supplies?

For over ten years Premier Catheter Supplies has been shipping catheters nationwide to thousands of customers who suffer from spinal cord injuries, urinary incontinence, urinary retention, and more. Whether you are a first-time catheter user or a seasoned veteran, Premier Catheter Supplies will help guide you in finding the right catheter style and brand to fit your lifestyle and comfort. We offer malefemale, and pediatric catheters in a variety of lengths, styles, and selections. Our company takes pride in our professionalism, friendliness, knowledge, and easy ordering process. We provide speedy, discreet shipping and delivery, and will even include a free emergency supply of catheters with each order.

Receive Catheter Samples From Top Catheter Brands

Premier Catheter Supplies is dedicated to carrying only the best catheter supplies with cutting-edge technology. Some of the most popular brands we carry include BardCureHollisterColoplast, and more! When you choose Premier Catheter Supplies, we are dedicated to helping you find the right catheter brand and selection to best fit your individual lifestyle needs. We provide a wide variety and selection of intermittent catheters, hydrophilic catheters, closed system catheters, antibacterial catheters, as well as straight and coude tip catheters. To learn more about the catheters we carry and our most popular selection, visit our product catalog!

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