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Red Rubber Catheters From Top Brands

Premier Catheter Supplies offers a wide variety of red rubber catheters from the following brands:

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Common Red Rubber Catheter Questions

Red rubber catheters are intermittent catheters that are often used by people who have trouble fully emptying their bladders. They are great for managing symptoms of urinary retention and are used exactly like traditional straight catheters. The only difference is that red rubber catheters are not made of plastic, but red rubber latex. Because of this, red rubber catheters are more flexible, which is useful for many people.

If you have been prescribed intermittent catheters, you can use a red rubber catheter. People may opt for a red rubber option if they prefer a more flexible red rubber latex material. There is no one size fits all treatment for urinary retention, so it is important to talk with your doctor about your catheterization options. Red rubber catheters do contain latex, so those with latex allergies should not use this type of intermittent catheter.
To use a red rubber catheter, you first need to insert it into your urethra and through to the bladder. Its eyelets permit urine to flow smoothly throughout the catheter, just like other straight catheters. It is important to only use red rubber catheters once and then properly discard to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination that may lead to UTIs.
Red rubber catheters are made up of two main parts: the catheter funnel and tubing. The catheter funnel allows users to have more control over their catheter. These wide openings are helpful in aiming urine directly into the receptacle. The tubing of a red rubber catheter helps urine move throughout and exit smoothly.

The majority of insurance coverage plans, including Medicare, Medicaid, and other private insurance plans, will cover red rubber catheters. To receive insurance coverage, you must have an intermittent catheter prescription. Your prescription and insurance plan decides the number of catheters you will receive each month.