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The Bard Magic3® Catheter

Premier Catheter Supplies delivers the Magic3® Hydrophilic Catheter to thousands of Americans nationwide. Designed for additional comfort, this catheter features its own sterile water packet providing an easier insertion and removal process. The unique package design allows for a simple prep while protecting the catheter from contamination. The Bard Magic3® is available as a touch-free closed system with a urine collection bag or as a sterile, single unit package. Options for both straight and coude tips

Bard’s Magic3® is Designed for Both Comfort & Easy-Use

Developed by the nation’s leading experts in catheter design, The Bard Magic3 features a hydrophilic coating with a three-layer design made from 100% silicone. The outer layer provides an ultra-soft coating for maximal comfort, the middle layer allows for easy stress-free handling and the innermost layer helps for easy navigation. The Bard Magic3’s tapered tip and four drainage eyes are designed for both comfortable movement and maximum drainage. The hydrophilic coating’s wet surface allows for nearly painless, friction-free insertion and withdrawal. The Magic3 is available with the option of a Sure-Grip Insertion sleeve. This helps users to firmly hold the catheter while helping to reduce contamination risks.



At Premier Catheter Supplies, we pride ourselves on our quality service and affordable pricing for premium catheter brands, like Bard®. We offer excellent customer service, handling all of your insurance paperwork along with our simple ordering process. Premier Catheter Supplies is able to deliver anywhere in the US as well as Puerto Rico. Our shipping and delivery is a quick and painless process, meaning you will receive your supplies at the time you need them. We will even throw in an emergency supply of catheters if needed before you receive your next delivery.

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