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For over ten years, thousands have trusted Premier Catheter Supplies for their catheter needs. We provide the latest technology from top catheter brands, like BardCureColoplastHollister, and more! We ship anywhere nationwide as well as to Puerto Rico. When you place an order with Premier, you will receive an emergency supply of catheters to hold you over until you receive your next order. What sets apart Premier Catheter Supplies from other medical companies is our genuine care for the patients we serve. Contact one of our representatives today to learn why!


Learn More About French Catheters: Sizing & Fit Customized to You

From pediatric lengths to adult women and men, catheters come in a variety of sizes. Ultimately your doctor will determine the proper french catheter size for you, taking into a variety of factors. Size is measured by the tube’s external diameter, also called the french size. The higher the diameter, the larger the french size. This number is calculated by multiplying the diameter length in millimeters by 3 units. As an example, a catheter with a 4.7 mm diameter’s french size will be FR 14.

Catheter Patient and Medical Professional

The Importance of Determinding The Correct French Catheter Size

Finding the correct french catheter size is crucial to the self-catheterization process for numerous reasons:

  • If your french catheter size is too small, it will take much longer to empty the bladder.
  • If your french catheter is too large, inserting the catheter will be a painful process.
  • French sizes too large for the urethra will introduce pain during catheter insertion.
  • French sizes too small for the urethra will directly cause leakage during the self-catheterization process.

Premier Catheter Supplies Offers Catheters In A Variety of French Sizes

Whether you are in need of a pediatricmale, or female catheters, Premier Catheter Supplies has them in a variety of french sizes. We provide the following french catheters to our thousands of users nationwide. Learn more about the different brands we carry in each individual french size by checking out our product catalog today!

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