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At Premier Catheter Supplies, we are fully committed to providing the highest quality of catheter brands to your door, like Bard®. We take pride in providing personalized care for every one of our customers and solutions at a reasonable price. Contact our US-based representatives available 24/7 to find the right brand to meet your needs. We will even include an emergency supply kit for each and every purchase with Premier Catheter Supplies in case it is needed before ordering your next shipment! We deliver nationwide as well to Puerto Rico.

The Bard® Touchless Catheter

Premier Catheter Supplies carries and delivers Bard® Touchless Intermittent Catheters to catheter users all across the nation. Designed for increased sterilization to reduce the risk of Urinary Tract Infections, the catheter features a touchless closed system. For easy and comfortable insertion, the catheter comes soft, flexible, and pre-lubricated. Since touchless plus is a closed system catheter, a self-contained collection bag is included with options for additional insertion supplies. Options for materials such as vinyl, hydrophilic, straight tip, coude tip, with varying lengths and sizes, Bard Touchless® catheter is available for menwomen, and children. Keep reading to see the benefits Bard Touchless® catheter offers and why it can be a great option for you.

Bard Touchless Intermittent Catheter With Hydrophilic Options Available

Advanced Design for Safety and Convenience, Bard Touchless® Plus

With an advanced closed system to help reduce the risk of UTIs and bacterial contamination, the Bard Touchless® Plus intermittent catheter kit was developed. When performing catheterization on oneself or another person, the touchless or no-touch feature allows for the user to never directly touch the tube, and the patented catheter guide enables further control with the touch of a fingertip. The unique closed system of Bard Touchless® catheter aids to reduce the risk of contamination and bacterial infections to the bladder and urinary tract. Exclusive features like these make them popular for a reason.

Benefits of a Touchless Catheter

Convenience, comfort, discretion, travel readiness, or self-catheterization are why Bard Touchless® catheters are a great option for many. Travelers or users on the go can benefit from closed system catheters because they eliminate the need for a receptacle by providing a sterilized urine collection bag, which can be easily hidden or stowed away discreetly once attached. The catheter can be easily inserted without ever touching the tube significantly decreasing contamination from the hands or gloves making the entire self-catheterization procedure more sterile. Visit our Bard® product catalog or contact one of our representatives today to learn more about Bard Touchless® Catheters!