Bard Magic3 GO® Female Hydrophilic Catheter

This hydrophilic, female catheter’s robust handle allows for better control with insertion. Discreet packaging and hydrophilic properties make this catheter ready-to-go at any moment.

  • 6 inches long 
  • Ready to use 
  • Hydrophilic, CleanGlide™ technology
  • Easy to Carry – Easy to Open – Easy to Use
  • 3-Layered silicone technology
  • Single-use, sterile

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Magic3 GO® Features

This Bard manufactured catheter is made from three layers of silicone with an ultra-soft outer later designed for comfort, middle layer for controllability, and innermost layer for easy navigation. To safeguard against contamination, the handle allows for a sturdy grip without having to touch the shaft of the catheter. Due to CleanGlide™ technology, no additional lubricant or water activation is needed. The finger ring tab makes for quick and easy opening, and the four drainage eyes allow for quick efficient drainage.