Bard MAGIC3® Male Intermittent Catheter

  • 16 inches long 
  • Non-coated
  • 100% silicone 3-layer technology
  • Single-use, sterile
  • Free of natural rubber latex, DEHP, PVC and phthalates

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Bard Magic3® Male Intermittent Hydrophilic Catheter Features

Designed to be gentle on urethral tissue, the Bard MAGIC3® Male Intermittent Catheter provides comfortable insertion for users. This non-coated catheter features four drainage eyes for ease of movement in sensitive areas, maximizing drainage and flow in addition to a comfort-designed tapered tip. The MAGIC3® Male Hydrophilic Catheter showcases a three-layered silicone design with an ultra-soft outer layer for maximum comfort, firm middle layer for smooth handling and pliable inner layer for easy navigation. Also available with SureGrip insertion sleeve.