Bard TOUCHLESS® Red Rubber Coudé Catheter Kit 

  • Coudé tip 
  • Pre-lubricated red rubber catheter
  • Self-contained closed system
  • Insertion supplies included
  • Large 1100cc collection bag
  • Single-use, sterile

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Bard TOUCHLESS® Red Rubber Intermittent Catheter with Coudé Tip Kit Features

The Bard TOUCHLESS® Intermittent Catheter with Coudé tip is a completely touchless system. This easy-to-use kit comes with a unisex red rubber catheter, two latex-free gloves, 3 PVP swabs, an underpad, and a large 1100cc collection chamber with built-in drainage port. The pre-lubricated red rubber catheter features a catheter guide that allows control of the catheter during insertion.