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Bard Touchless Red Rubber Female Closed System Catheter Kit

The Bard TOUCHLESS® Red Rubber Female Catheter Kit is a closed system catheter option designed to help reduce the risk of UTIs. This easy-to-use kit comes with a female-length red rubber catheter, two latex-free gloves, 3 PVP swabs, an underpad, and a collection chamber with built-in drainage port. The pre-lubricated red rubber catheter features a catheter guide that allows control of the catheter during insertion. The collection bag is available in 550cc or 1100cc, and is longer than other closed systems, allowing the bag to rest while being filled.

  • Pre-lubricated red rubber catheter
  • Self-contained closed system
  • Insertion supplies included
  • Large 550cc or 1100cc collection chamber
  • Single-use, sterile

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