GentleCath Air Catheter for Men

The GentleCath Air™ Catheter for Men is a compact, hydrophilic straight-tip male catheter designed for discretion. It features FeelClean™ Technology, integrated into the catheter for an easy, smooth, and comfortable experience without stickiness. Activate it with the included water sachet and use the sleeve for safer handling to minimize infection risk. This catheter’s design makes it highly portable, easily fitting into a pocket or bag for discreet carrying. After use, it can be resealed in its pack for discreet disposal. A version with a coudé tip is also available for those who require it.

GentleCath Air for Men Features

  • 16 inches long (male length)
  • Straight tip (A4351)
  • FeelClean™ technology
  • DEHP-free, PVP-free
  • Discreet pocket-sized design
  • No-touch handling sleeve
  • Color-coded funnel for easy size identification
  • Single-use, sterile

Additional information

Catheter Brand


Catheter french size

10 FR, 12 FR, 14 FR, 16 FR, 18 FR, 8 FR

Catheter Length

Female, Male

Catheter Features

Burstable sterile water packet, color-coded flexible tunnels, Coude, easy gripper sleeve, fire-polished eyelets, Single-use, sterile, universal funnel

Catheter Type

coudé tip, Hydrophilic


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