Bard TOUCHLESS® Plus Red Rubber Intermittent Catheter Kit

  • Unisex, straight tip
  • Pre-lubricated red rubber catheter
  • Self-contained closed system
  • Large 1100cc collection chamber
  • Insertion Supplies (underpad, latex-free gloves, PVI swabs, swabs)  
  • Single-use, sterile

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TOUCHLESS® Plus Red Rubber Catheter with Insertion Supply Kit Features

The Bard TOUCHLESS® Plus Intermittent Catheter System is a simple, safe, unisex closed system. Designed to reduce the risk for urinary tract infections, the complete touchless system features a patented catheter guide allowing for better control with insertion. The kit includes a pre-lubricated red rubber catheter, a large 1100cc collection chamber with built-in drainage port, an underpad, three povidone-iodine (PVI) swabs and two latex-free gloves. Also available with coudé tip and insertion supply kit.