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CompactCath Coudé Male Catheter

CompactCath Catheter is a male-length, ready-to-use intermittent catheter that conveniently fits in your pocket. This palm-sized CompactCath is discrete and hygienic, this no-touch catheter system is easy to use. The curved tip is a great alternative for patients who experience issues with straight tip catheters due to urethral obstructions and strictures. The CompactCath Coudé Catheter uncoils from the inside of its travel size case and comes pre-lubricated with silicon oil lubrication. Available as a straight tip catheter as well.

  • Coudé tip
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Fire polished eyelets
  • Flow control funnel
  • Control handle for easy “no-touch” insertion
  • Single-use, sterile

Additional information

Catheter Brand


Catheter french size

14 FR, 16 FR

Catheter Length


Catheter Type

coudé tip

Catheter Features

16 inches long, coude tip, easy "no-touch" insertion, fire-polished eyelets, Single-use, sterile, unisex


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