Cure Ultra® Coudé Catheter for Men

  • 16 inches long
  • Coudé tip 
  • Smooth polished eyelets
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Unique “no roll” connector/funnel end
  • Easy gripper sleeve
  • Sterile, single use
  • Not made with DEHP, BPA, or natural rubber latex

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Cure Ultra® Coudé Catheter for Men Features

Convenient and ready-to-use, The Cure Ultra® Coudé Tip Catheter for men is ready-to-use and comes in a discreet, easy to open package. The Ultra features a proprietary CoverAll™ application process to evenly distribute lubricant when removing the catheter from the package. The coude catheter features a “No Roll” connector/funnel end, fire-polished eyelets, and gripper sleeve for a no-touch control. Cure Coudé Catheter features a blue control stripe down the catheter tube to show which way the curved insertion tip is angled during insertion. Due to the high-quality soft materials, all Cure Ultra® catheters will maintain their shape when you bend them. Also available with a straight tip